Angel of Time


15” ht x 15” wd x 6” dp

Tin Box found in an antiques mall somewhere in Maryland, 2012.

Tin can is from a thrift store in Hancock Maryland, 2010.

Doll Head from a pile of dolls I found in a thrift store in Hancock Maryland, 2008.

Baking Sheet is from a trash pile in Philadelphia, 2005.

Clock Face is from a box of faces bought at auction, 2012.

Fabric Wings given to me by a friend in Austin TX, 2008.

The metal body and gears are from a machining project I made while at clock school, 2007.

Fiber optics are from an eBay store, 2012.

Clock movement purchased new.

The wings slowly flap and the eyes open and shut. The fiber optic lights flash different colors.  Wall mount, requires electric.





The Art of the Automaton
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