Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Natural Resources: Pairing the woodwork of Laron Algren and ceramics of Jon Stein

July 17 to August 28, 2021

OPENING: July 17 from 11AM to 4PM


Wood and clay collide when artists Laron Algren and Jon Stein combine their talents in respective mediums to create complementary pieces for this three-dimensional show.

Algren's furniture has elements of nature and imperfection balanced with calculated joinery and soft, pleasing angles that are simply just comfortable. Tables, seating and cabinetry will all be included in the show. Stein's pieces range from graceful and utilitarian to completely whimsical, as evidenced by his oversized candelabras conceived during quarantine.



Humans Unwrapped: An Interactive Exhibit Celebrating Art of the Nude Figure

September 4 to October 2, 2021

Humans Unwrapped at CAZA Sikes
A Project featuring the art of the nude figure

Exhibit Opening at Caza Sikes for full project viewing: Saturday, October 2, 2021

Leading up to the October 2nd Opening will be four (4) different life drawing events held at private residences where amateur or emerging artists have the opportunity to work beside, and learn from, the master artists listed below. Life drawing sessions begin the week of September 4th and run for 4 weeks.

CLICK HERE to see the full schedule and register for one of the life drawing sessions.

Each session costs $50 per person, with all proceeds going back to the models and teaching artists. 

The following master artists of the figure will be on display:

Jan Brown Checco (organizing artist)
Ellina Chetverikova
David Mueller
Marlene Steele
Brad Davis

The life drawing sessions will be marketed to interested participants (4 open spots per session.) Each featured
artist will lead, teach, host one session.

Hospitality (beverages, light fare) will be offered at these sessions. Registration for these sessions is now open.

The Magical World of Sherry Cucinotta

October 9 to November 6, 2021

Art pottery that must be seen in person to believe. Sherry Cucinotta's creations are so elaborate, so fantastical, that you could spend hours in front of a single piece of pottery examining the details and consuming the story within. Her works are meticulously created over months and bring to life well-known and timeless fairy tales and stories. Filled with color and depth, these amazing examples of art pottery will on exhibit at Caza Sikes this Fall -- more details to come!

Cheryl Chapman and Rodney Hatfield

November 20, 2021 to January 8, 2022

A dual show featuring Cheryl Chapman and Rodney Hatfield. More show information is forthcoming:

About Cheryl Chapman

My paintings reflect a world view that recognizes the human desire to arrange, distill, and make sense of an infinitely complex and interrelated universe. What can be perceived is only an incomplete generalization of a vast network of information. Seeking the essence of things in this often overwhelming age of information, we assemble emerging bits and hints of pattern. As an artist of non-objective and abstracted form, I see my process of art-making as a way to allow a visual vocabulary express, with color and composition in the material world, ideas for which words are inadequate.

I find inspiration in the visual occurrences of everyday life where color, line, and form find just the right intersection to create a moment of satisfyingly raw beauty. It is those moments that offer the possibility of communion, not just communication, which is the elusive goal of the artist.

Chapman has her MFA from the University of Kentucky and has appeared in numerous solo exhibitions and public and corporate collections.

About Rodney Hatfield

A lifetime resident of Appalachian Kentucky, Rodney Hatfield’s greatest inspiration has been the rural and isolated environment in which he spent his formative years. His work has been described as ‘whimsical yet disturbing’ - as a self-taught artist, Hatfield’s art displays a freedom with media, allowing different textures and ideas to be developed on the canvas. Often, due to a scavenging habit, his pieces are embellished with found and weathered objects such as newspapers and napkins, punching up the background and even the figures within to add an interesting, graphic effect. Throughout his artistic career, Hatfield has been shown regionally in the Kentucky area as well as the southwestern United States and Ecuador.